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How Does Lie affect Shot Direction?.
The lie angle of irons needs to be properly fit for two major reasons. First, the lie angle is a factor that affects the accuracy of the shot. The lie angle is correct for the golfer when the sole arrives at impact perfectly parallel to the ground and the face of the club will be aimed at the target. If the lie angle is incorrect for a right-handed golfer, such that the toe of the clubhead is tilted well up in relation to the heel, the face is automatically pointing to the left of the target line and will impart a hook spin. Conversely, if the clubhead arrives at impact tilted with the heel well up compared to the toe, the face of the clubhead is pointing to the right of the target line and will impart a slice spin. The effect of lie is opposite for a left-handed golfer.

How to check if your lie is correct.

Place a piece of masking tape on the sole of the club and hit a few balls off a mat at the driving range (there are also lie fitting boards that leave a mark on the sole). Note the center of the spot where the sole (bottom) is hitting the mat (the mark will be left on the masking tape) Measure the distance from the center of the face of the club that the mark appears. A mark towards the toe indicates the lie is too flat, a mark towards the heel indicated the lie is too upright.

Illustration with a right-handed golfer.
Golfers who buy their clubs standard, off-the-rack, without being fit for lie angle are risking accuracy
problems in the form of pulled or pushed shots even
when they make a good swing. Get your game off
to a fresh start and have your lie of your irons
checked today.